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SDIC Introduction

Established on May 5th, 1995, State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC) is a state-owned investment holding company approved by State Council and one of the key SOEs under direct management of the central government. It has a registered capital of 19.47 billion RMB yuan and total assets of 280 billion RMB yuan. By the end of 2013, it had total assets of 348.1 billion RMB yuan, a workforce of 80,000. In 2013, it had an operational revenue of 98.6 billion RMB yuan, profit of 11.5 billion RMB yuan. SDIC was ranked among Top-class enterprises in the annual performance assessments by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Chinese State Council (SASAC) for ten consecutive years and was awarded the title Excellently-Performing Enterprise for three periods.
Since its establishment, SDIC continuously improves its development strategy, optimizes its assets composition, and has built its unique tri-pillar business framework that integrates industrial investment, financial services and international business. SDIC's industrial investment mainly goes to power generation, coal mining, ports and shipping, fertilizer production and other infrastructure or resource-oriented fields as well as high-tech projects and emerging industries with strategic significance. In the financial services sector, SDIC focuses on finance, assets management and consulting businesses. SDIC’s international business includes international trade, foreign direct investment and international cooperation. SDIC is playing its unique role originating from the nature of being a state investment company in optimizing the structure of state sector of the economy and promoting national economic development.
After more than ten years practices, SDIC has gradually formed its unique operating model of “Equity investment--Equity management--Equity operation”, and of an integrated development incorporating capital operation and assets operation. SDIC obtains invested enterprises' equity through capital investment, increases invested enterprises' value through management, and gains returns by receiving equity transfer premiums and dividends. Thus the state assets are maintained and appreciated.
A parent-subsidiary corporate management system is exercised in SDIC, with Mr. Wang Huisheng as the Chairman of the Board and Mr. Feng Shidong as the President. In its headquarters there are 15 functional departments, SDIC Party Committee and the Office of State-owned Assets Investment Committee under China Investment Association. In total, there are 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 12 controlled subsidiaries and 172 third tier or above subsidiaries wholly-owned or controlled by SDIC. SDIC has 7 listed companies, i.e. SDIC Power Holding Co., Ltd. (share code: 600886), SDIC Xinji Energy Co., Ltd. (601918), SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd. (600962), Sinotex Investment & Development Co., Ltd. (600061) and China National Complete Plant Import & Export Co., Ltd. (000151), Hualien International (00969.HK), Zhongxin Fruit(5EG/SGX). These listed companies have built a good SDIC brand name in the Chinese capital market.
Facing the future, SDIC has always implemented the Scientific Outlook on Development and persisted in its tenet of “working for Shareholders, for Society and for Employees”. It will carry out its three-year plan and eight-year blueprint and advance its strategies of “adjusting development structure and pace, strengthening management and efficiency”. SDIC will actively transfer its operation from domestic to abroad, from traditional industry to new industry, from western China to east, middle and western China, from general industry to unique industry, from what we can provide to what markets need, from assets operation to capital operation. SDIC will build itself into a world-class investment holding company.
State Development & Investment Corp.
Add: International Investment Plaza,6-6 Fuchengmen North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Fax:+86-10-6657 9035
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