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外事处 - CCTV-How to Build First-class Enterprises with Global Competitiveness?(2017/11/16)
外事处 - CCTV Dialogue-SOE Reform Operation(2017/10/30)
外事处 - Economic Daily-Marching towards New Height(2017/10/30)
外事处 - CCTV-Restructuring to Explore Ways for State-owned Assets Reform(2017/09/16)
外事处 - CCTV--SOE Reform: SDIC, Diversifying Investor of 80% of the Projects(2017/09/16)
外事处 - CCTV- SOE Reform for 5 Years:Setting up Marketized Subject with Vigor(2017/09/15)
外事处 - Yicai--SOE Reform for 5 Years-Lever Development by Financial Industry(2017/09/15)
外事处 - Xinhuanews-What Has SDIC Got as the Polit for Reform(2017/09/15)
外事处 - People Daily-SDIC Reform Testing for New Vigor(2017/09/15)
外事处 - CNR-SDIC:Investing for the National Economy and People Livelihood(2017/09/15)
外事处 - Many Mainstream Media Cover SDIC Polit Reform(2017/09/15)
外事处 - People.cn-Wang Huisheng: Xi Jinping Speech is the Marching Horn for SDIC to 19th CPC Party Congress(2017/08/15)
外事处 - Xinhuanews-Xi Jinping: A Decisive Victory in a Well-off Society in an All-round Way(2017/08/01)
外事处 - Study Times-Sticking to and Implementing Open Development Philosophy(2017/07/31)
外事处 - China Financial Weekly-The Mid-term Exam Paper of SDIC Reform(2017/07/17)
外事处 - People Daily-Taking Mixed Owenership Reform as the Breakthrough of SOE Reform(2017/07/14)
外事处 - Xinhuanews--SDIC Is Exploring Way of Enhancing Penetration of SOE Reform through Rule of Law(2017/07/03)
外事处 - fpwchina.com--Be Courageous Enough to Take the Responsibility and Steadily March Forward(2017/05/22)
外事处 - CCTV--Miracle in the Sea of Death(2017/05/14)
外事处 - Economic Daily--Exploring Industrial Poverty Alleviation with SOE characteristcs(2017/04/03)
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