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Vice Chairman Xu Xianping of the NDRC inspects coal wharfs of SDIC Caofeidian and Jingtang Port
On June 17, 2009, Vice Chairman Xu Xianping of the NDRC inspected coal wharfs of SDIC Caofeidian and Jingtang Port, accompanied by Member of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial Commission and Executive Vice Governor Fu Zhifang, Director-General of Department of Basic Industries of NDRC Wang Qingyun and leading officials of Hebei Development and Reform Commission, Planning Department of Ministry of Railways, Tangshan Municipality and SDIC Communication Co..

Xu inspected facilities and equipment such as wharf apron, shipment machine, central control room, dumper room and windbreak and dust suppression net at the coal wharf of Caofeidian and visited the whole Jingtang Port by tugboat at the coal wharf of Jingtang Port.
During his inspection, Xu was briefed by General Managers of SDIC Communications Co., SDIC Caofeidian Port Co., and SDIC Zhongmei Tongmei Jingtang Port Co.. He spoke very highly of the role of the two wharfs, technical advancement of the facilities, and measures taken to conserve energy and protect environment. 




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