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The phase one construction of Jiuquan 10-GW wind power farm is started

On August 8 2009, the phase one construction of Jiuquan 10-GW wind power farm was started. It is the first and largest wind power project in China, which marked that wind power construction has entered into the phase of scale development.

Jiuquan wind power farm is a significant project. Total installed capacity will reach 5160 MW by 2010 and 12710 MW by 2015. SDIC is building three wind power farms in Gansu Province. They are Jiancaitang 45 MW wind power farm, Beidaqiao Dongfeng 2?49.5 MW wind power farm and Beidaqiao No.2 201-MW wind power farm. The first batch of generation unit for Jiancaitang farm had been launched on October 2008 and the rest had been commissioned on February 2009. Phase One construction of Beidaqiao Dongfeng farm will be commissioned within 2009 and Phase Two will be completed by the end of 2010. A 330-kv booster station and electric equipments for Beidaqiao No.2 farm will be built by the end of 2009 and the whole farm will be put into operation by 2011.  
Secretary of Gansu Province Lu Hao expressed his appreciation for SDIC's participation in the construction of Jiuquan wind power farm. He acknowledged SDIC's strength in the investment of PV power and wind power in Gansu Province.  


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