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The media group visit sea desalination project



On May 20, a group of reporters consisted of major media such as Xinhua news agency and People Daily visited SDIC Beijiang power plant and conducted a workshop on sea desalination project of circular economy. VP Yang attended the event.

VP Yang welcomed the visits of media friends and said that sea desalination project had demonstration meanings in terms of circular economy, environment protection land conservation. It showed the responsibility and good image of SOEs. Experts and media friends carried out discussions on cost efficiency and sustainability of the project. The media group visited Beijiang power plant and sea desalination equipments in Caofeidian port individually developed by CEEDI.

During the interview, experts and reporters showed great interests in innovation ability of SDIC. They admired SDIC’s courage in shouldering SDE’s responsibility by investing sea desalination project closely related to national economy and safety while suffering long-term losses due to low electricity. They appreciated SDIC’s plan to develop advanced manufacture.



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