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Wang Huisheng Attends World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

On Jan. 22nd, upon the invitation of SASAC, President Wang Huisheng went to Davos in Switzerland to attend the annual meeting of World Economic Forum 2019. He attended the exchange meeting between Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and delivered a speech.

The exchange meeting was an important event organized by SASAC during the annual meeting in Davos, aiming at discussing the positive impact of China’s reform and opening up and high quality growth on world economy against the backdrop of globalization 4.0, exchanging views on how to deal with common challenges and achieve win-win development with foreign counterparts. SASAC Chief Xiao Yaqing and World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab attended meeting and delivered speeches. This was the first time the SASAC joining hands with central SOEs and private enterprises to organize an exchanging event outside China. Over 60 leaders from 29 foreign enterprises, 11 central SOEs, 8 private companies attended the meeting.

Xiao Yaqing delivered a speech. He described China’s economy situation with such words like stable with progress, stable with change and stable with worries. He pointed out that Chinese government had clear vision about the situation at home and aboard. In 2018, China’s economy enjoyed stable development with the best performance made by SOEs and best contribution to new development momentum and restructuring. People from all walks of life had confidence in the economic development in 2019. He said that SASAC would focus on four tasks i.e. leading the central SOEs to ensure the stable development of China’s economy, promoting the deepening of central SOEs reform, fine-tuning state-owned asset supervision and encouraging high-quality cooperation between Chinese central SOEs and foreign counterparts.

Dr. Klaus Schwab thanked SASAC for hosting such an innovative event during the World Economic Forum Meeting, which gave Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to communicate face to face. The World Economic Forum would continue to be a good platform to make contributions for China’s integration into the world industry and commerce family.

Wang Huisheng made a presentation as a special guest and engaged in exchanges. He said that President Xi Jinping put forward the idea of cooperation for win-win development in the 2017 annual meeting of WEF, which had been the theme for past two years. 2018 was the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. Individuals, SDIC, China as well as the world all benefitted from the great reform. SDIC as the pilot for state-owned asset reform. After 10 years of transformational development, SDIC’s business framework has undergone fundamental changes. The proportion of its strategically emerging industry business has accounted for over 50%. Its profit growth rate has exceeded 20% for 15 consecutive years. He pointed out that SDIC had achieved successful transformation and was confident about its future development. He hoped that SDIC could promote common development with new and old friends in the spirit of cooperation for win-win results.

During the exchange meeting, Wang Huisheng talked with representatives from several multinationals such as Mercuria, Louis Dreyfus and Deloitte and exchanged views on future cooperation.


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