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SDIC releases its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


On July 1st, SDIC held its press conference to release its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report and SDIC Journal for the first time. SDIC Chairman Wang Huisheng and SASAAC Secretary-General Peng Huagang attended the meeting and delivered speeches. SDIC President Shi Hongxiang released 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of SDIC. Vice President Qian Meng released the new book SDIC Journal. Vice President Yang Xiaohui presided over the meeting.

Wang Huisheng said in his speech that SDIC chose the special day of the 98th birthday of the Communist Party of China to release its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report and the new book of SDIC Journal. As a product of state-owned asset reform, SDIC was a miniature a China’s economic reform and restricting. The strategy of SDIC was serving the national strategy and investing for the country. During the past 20 years, SDIC employees shouldered the responsibility to carried out creative work and form a unique mode of state-owned investment company. It has been playing more and more important role in the national economic construction and reform & opening up.

Wang Huisheng said that active participation of national strategy, fulfillment of corporate social responsibility had been the new engine for SDIC’s development during the past 24 years. The SDIC Journal has recorded SDIC people’s exploration and choice, their wisdom and fighting as well as SDIC’s spirit and culture.

Peng Huagang said that reform was the engine of SDIC, development was the driving force of SDIC and social responsibility of SDIC’s cohesion. Reading between lines of 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report and SDIC Journal, we could see the achievements of SDIC reform during the past 20 plus years, its efforts for transformation and social responsibility it had shouldered. As one of the first batch of pilot companies for state-owned asset reform, SDIC has made explorations in testing the mechanism, system and mode and accumulated experiences for SOE reforms. Against the background of complicated international economic situation, it was quite commendable for SDIC to get such achievements.

Shi Hongxiang released 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. He said that in 2018 SDIC had deepened Five Initiatives, strengthened sustainable development and social responsibility management, served national strategies and enhanced people’s livelihood. SDIC realized a profit of 19.3 billion RMB yuan, a total asset of 582.3 billion RMB yuan, which were a historical new height. By the end of 2018, the proportion of forward-looking strategic industries and financial services & other services had exceeded 50%, which meant that SDIC had successfully realized transformational development. The CSR comprehensively elaborated on the latest development and achievements of SDIC in 2018 in political, economic, environmental, social and overseas fields. It showed that SDIC had devoted to making comprehensive economic and social value, serving the national strategies and enhancing people’s welfare.

Qian Meng released the SDIC Journal. He said that this was the first book that comprehensively reflected the history of SDIC since its establishment. It recorded the challenges, experiences and lessons during its birth, business development and growth, unfolding the up-side-down change of SDIC during the past 20 years. It answered the questions such as Who is SDIC? Where did SDIC come from? Where will SDIC head for?

Targeted poverty alleviation has been the biggest social responsibility of central SOEs. 2018 SDIC CSR emphasized the achievements of SDIC’s efforts in targeted poverty alleviation by establishing 3 platforms. SDIC Journal, which has 2.2 million words, has kept record of SDIC people’s original heart and their mission and showcased the development path with Chinese characteristics of a state-owned capital investment company.


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