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Wang Huisheng delivers a speech in the Seminar of Celebrating 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PR


To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC, on 22nd August, the second seminar of Celebrating 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC, co-organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, State Organs Work Committee of CPC, General Political Department of PLA and the CPC Party Committee of Beijing was held. The Seminar invited five excellent entrepreneurs including SDIC Chairman Wang Huisheng, Baosteel Chairman Chen Derong, General Manager of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) Liu Shiquan, TCL Founder and Chairman Li Dongsheng, Xiaomi Founder, Chairman and CEO Lei Jun. They delivered speech about economic development since the founding of PRC for 70 years and they also interacted with the audience.


Enterprises are the most basic and active cell of economy. From the establishment of modern corporate system to serving national strategy & people’s livelihood, from sticking to innovation to Go Global strategy, Chinese enterprises have been developed stronger and stronger. The five entrepreneurs told the audience the excellent stories of their respective companies.


Wang Huisheng presented a story of two glass of water, which could elaborate the extraordinary path of SDIC’s birth and development. The first glass of water came from Yalong River, Sichuan Province. The early stage of SDIC’s investment projects featured by power generation, communication and coal mining were the embodiment of mechanism reform. SDIC established the management mode of investment holding according to modern corporate system with a view to maximizing revenue of state-owned asset.


The second glass of water came from Pu’er, Yunnan Province, which was the embodiment of restructuring and transformation. SDIC restructured the business and regional layout accordance to the national economic and social development needs with a view to serving the national strategies. In recent years, SDIC set its strategic position to address the inadequacy of people’s good life and guide the development of newly emerging industries.


Wang Huisheng said that he had the following experiences reviewing SDIC’s development path. Firstly, SDIC should always stick to serving the national strategies and investing for the country. Secondly, SDIC should stick to innovation and sound development. Thirdly, SDIC should stick to market rules and strengthen management. He pointed out that facing the future, facing this great time, SDIC would release more energy. SDIC’s water would nourish more and more beautiful fruit and it would make more contribution to the strength of the nation and people’s better life.


After the speeches, the five entrepreneurs also answered questions by audience.    


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