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Guandi and Tongzilin hydropower stations at Yalong River start construction

With the announcement of start construction of Guandi and Tongzilin hydropower stations on October 20, 2010, the development of cascade hydropower station at low stream of Yalong River was fully launched. Chairman Wang addressed at the announcement ceremony. General manager of Ertan hydropower Chen reported nearly six-year preparation work for stations construction

Governor of Sichuan province Jiang said that water resources accounted for one fourth of national amount. Recently Sichuan government made all efforts to promote hydropower development. Total installed capacity of Guandi and Tongzilin reached 3 GW and investment were over 20 billion yuan. Annual power generation exceeded 14 billion kwh.
Chairman Wang said that Guandi and Tongzilin projects constituted important parts of national energy development plan. He wished that Ertan could create a model project in West Development and Transmission Electricity from West to East of China and benefit local people and economy.
Installed capacity of Guandi was 2.4GW and first unit was expected to launch in July 2012 and commission in July 2013. This project will be the first power station to transmit clean energy from west to east of China. Installed capacity of Tongzilin was 600 MW and first unit was expected to launch in June 2015 and commission in Juln 2016. Toal installed capacity of power stations under Ettan Company management will reach 14.7 GW.
Chairman Wang met with the governor of Sichuan Province. Wang introduced SDIC’s business structures and appreciated for Sichuan government support. SDIC will contribute more to Sichuan’s economy and social development. Governor Jiang congratulated the start of Guandi and Tongzilin projects. He said that SDIC owned strong economic strength and ambitions development strategy. Sichuan enjoys rich resources and both sides could cooperate in financial services, deep development of strategic resources, construction of western transportation hub and ecological screen of Changjiang upstream. Sichuan will continue to provide great support to promote win-win development of both sides.





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