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The 2016 Top 10 Event “Inspire SDIC” releases


On 29th December, “Inspire SDIC”, the Top 10 Event in 2016 was released in Beijing. The Top 10 event was selected by all employees in SDIC through website and Weixin voting, each of the votes is of blessing and inspiration of SDIC in its reform, development, and innovation.

The Top 10 Events in 2016 of SDIC:

1. Key investment sectors made new breakthrough by innovation and transformation.

2. SDIC won Class-A rating in annual central SOEs performance appraisal by SASAC in 12 consecutive years, 4 sessions.

3. The CPC building provides strong political backup for SDIC reform.

4. International business made groundbreaking progress.

5. Supply-side reform and over-capacity reduction were further pushed forward.

6. “SDIC Luobupo Potash Spirit” was named as National Excellency Model

7. SDIC signed strategic cooperation agreement with NDRC, Shanghai Municipal Government and other local governments.

8. SDIC advanced manufacturing investment fund and Central SOEs poverty alleviation fund were funded, making SDIC fund management scaled up.

9. Precise poverty alleviation of SDIC enhanced its CSR.


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