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  The SDIC High-Tech Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC), specializes in the investment and management of high-tech undertakings. It is also an institution entrusted by the National Fund for Industrial and Technological Research and Development to experiment on venture risk investments and by the central fiscal fund to participate in the establishment of venture investment funds. With a registered capital of 640 million yuan, the gross and net assets managed by the company respectively totaled 14.9 billion yuan and 8.7 billion yuan at the end of 2011. Operational revenue was 8.1 billion yuan and profits 2.5 billion yuan for 2011.In particular, the funds entrusted to the company management totaled 2 billion yuan. It is a central enterprise that has been approved by the State Development and Reform Commission to have the qualification for venture investments.
  SDIC High-Tech mainly invests in the comprehensive equity-controlled sectors except coal, electricity, port and shipping. It invested 14 companies including 4 equity-controlled companies, 8 reservoir-like companies. SDIC High-Tech mainly invests in the sectors of auto parts, pharmaceutical chemicals, electronic information, finance and modern agriculture. It also actively explores for investment opportunities in the sectors of new energy, energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.
  SDIC High-Tech merged department of chemical investment in 2011 and clarified its new strategies. It has gradually formed its unique operating model of “Equity investment--Equity management--Equity operation”, and of an integrated development incorporating capital operation and assets operation. For recent years, the company has invested and cultivated 10 companies that have listed on the A-share stock market. They include SDIC Zhonglu, Zhejiang Pharmacy, and Datang Gaohong. Besides, the company has cultivated many unlisted leading companies with excellent performance such as SDIC Luobupo Potash Co., Ltd. and the Yapp Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.. SDIC Luobupo is the only domestic producer of potassium sulfate by brine resources. YAPP is keeping 50% market share of domestic plastic tank, ranking 4th in the world. Wenfu Group, a large modern state-owned enterprise specializing in phosphate mining and beneficiation, compound fertilizer production, phosphorus sulphur and coal chemical production, iodine and fluorine chemical production, scientific research for development (R&D), international trade, is constructing the world largest phosphate project---Saudi Arabian Ma'aden 12MTPY Phosphate Beneficiation Plant Project. SDIC High-Tech shoulders mission of Going Global strategy. By the end of 2011, it has carried out preparatory work of nickel and cement project s in Indonesia and Burma.
  Since its establishment, SDIC High-Tech has actively developed and cultivated high-tech projects in the forms of equity investment and management. It has not only independently developed and invested high-tech projects but also acted as the national capital contributor representative for the projects of the national demonstration program for high-tech industrialization and as the entrusted institution for national venture risk investment and the central fiscal fund participation in the establishment of venture investment funds. It is an important carrier for the reinvestment of the operational budget of state-owned capital.
  SDIC High-Tech operational goal is to elevate corporate value and pursue steady, healthy, sustainable and scientific development in keeping with the requirements of the SDIC development strategy, by upholding the country industrial policy, focusing on high technology, new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon economy, combining capital operation with assets operation, and continuously improving corporate operation mechanisms.
  Its spirit is human resources, cooperation, dedication and innovation.


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