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  The SDIC Logistics Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary established in December 2007 by the State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC), with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The company has three functional departments: general operations, planning and finance, and operation and management.
SDIC Logistics specializes in the project investment, operation and management in the sector of logistics and assists relevant SDIC-invested enterprises to effectively integrate their logistics operations. Through rational resource allocation, the company has gradually tapped the complementary advantages between the coal, power, port, railway and aviation industries. This has boosted SDIC’s risk resistance capacity and played roles in establishing longstanding mechanisms for coordination and mutual benefit.
In keeping with the SDIC strategic development and planning, the company will active explore and utilize social resources and carry out operations such as coal staging, land and sea transport, warehousing, transition and distribution, material trade and information consulting so as to provide logistic support for the operation of corporate entities. In the initial stage, the company will take advantage of the operating channels and management of SDIC-controlled enterprises to expand shipping and railway transport capacity, establish coal staging bases and at the same intensify foreign coal import so as to boost capacity to supply emergency coal and low-cost fuels to SDIC-controlled power plants. The SDIC-controlled enterprises include the SDIC Far East Shipping Co., Ltd., the SDIC Coal Transport and Marketing Co., Ltd. and the SDIC Jingmin (Fujian) Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.
As the logistics industry is mainly involved in service, circulation and trade and directly faces market, SDIC Logistics will focus on resource control and allocation, rely on market operations, build logistics platforms and expand logistics networks in keeping with the requirement of the SDIC development strategy, so as to explore for new investment areas and create new points of profit growth.

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