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  The SDIC Assets Management Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Development and Investment Corporation, is an important component of SDIC’s service operations and also an important tool and platform for restructuring. The company was established in January 2001 with a registered capital of 650 million yuan.
Since its establishment, SDIC Assets has focused on serving SDIC assets restructuring. It has established a special system and operating process for assets management, formulated various risk prevention measures and cultivated unique capacity and techniques for assets disposal. Its centralized disposal of nonperforming assets and secondary assets has quickened realization, reduced losses and effectively supported core business operations. It has played active roles in optimizing the structure of assets. Using various tools, the company had disposed 2.5 billion yuan of assets and contracted over 800 projects since 2001.
Thanks to years of active exploration and continuous innovation, the company has established a sound business network, an intermediary service network and an assets withdrawal passage for assets disposal. Taking full advantage of SDIC’s fine corporate image, the company has establish business links with central enterprises and large regional corporate groups and formed a nationwide business network. The company has also tapped its own advantage, organized intermediary institutions and other resources to provide management process, technical know-how, human resources and information network for assets disposal. It has also entered into wide-ranging business cooperation with equity exchanges, auction houses and Chinese and foreign investment funds and gradually established an assets marketing network.
The company’s goal is to use various methods to realize the planned withdrawal of the company’s nonperforming and secondary assets, safeguard the interests of state-owned assets and ensure sustained, healthy, steady and orderly corporate development in keeping with the overall requirement of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council for the restructuring of state-owned assets and the SDIC plan for project restructuring.

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