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The SDIC Capital Holding Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC), was established in January 2010 with a registered capital of 800 million yuan. In September 2010, its registered capital rose to 2.5 billion yuan.
SDIC Capital's main functions are to formulate SDIC financial investment plans and organize their execution in keeping with the requirement of the SDIC development strategy. It is also responsible for making preliminary studies and feasibility analyses for the investment opportunities of financial projects, presenting investment proposals and organizing their execution after being approved. Its functions also include the management of SDIC financial equity, the placement of SDIC industrial funds and private funds, and the regulation of management companies. It analyzes the financial investment opportunities in the capital market, make investment proposals, and organize their execution after being approved. According to the SDIC annual operational budget, the company is in charge of reducing the holding of strategically-rationed shares and related equity management, coordinating business operations between SDIC financial enterprises and between SDIC financial and industrial enterprises, studying the financial regulatory policies, laws and regulations, and communicating with the regulatory departments.
The investment enterprises directly managed by SDIC Capital include the SDIC Trust Co., Ltd. (which controls the UBS SDIC Fund Management Co., Ltd and participates in the Hongta Securities Company), the Huifu Industry Investment Fund, and the SDIC CGOG Futures Co., Ltd. The investment enterprises under the authorized management of SDIC Capital include the China National Investment & Guarantee Co., Ltd., the SDIC Finance Co., Ltd., the UBS Securities Company, the Bohai Bank, the SDIC Innovation Fund Management Company, and the SDIC Innovation Fund Company.

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