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SDIC Biotech Investment Co., Ltd.


SDIC Biotech Investment Co., mainly responsible for SDIC Group’s overall planning of research and development, investment and operation managementinbio-fuel technology including bio-fuel ethanol.

SDIC Biotech Investment Co.,Ltd.mainly utilizes new and high-endtechnology to transform traditional industries and develop traditional fermentation products through constant innovation. The bio-fuel represented by bio-fuel ethanol developed by SDIC Biotech Investment Co., of great practical significance in cutting down emission of carbon dioxide, improving air quality, promoting sustainable development of agriculture, readjusting energy resource structure and promoting the revitalization of economy in Northeast China. The under-construction bio-fuel ethanol output capacity invested by SDIC Biotech Investment Co.,Ltd.ranks the first in the industry nationwide, and the company has basically established its leading position in the industry throughout the country.


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