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SDIC Finance Co., Ltd.


SDIC Finance Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “Serve SDIC Group and Develop through Innovation”. It assists SDIC Group in reducing financial cost, combining the advantages of finance and industry, and improving competitiveness through centralized fund management, fund settlement, fund supervision and financial services. Since its establishment, SDIC Finance Co., Ltd. has been rated the highest grade in both industry grading and supervision grading sectors for four consecutive years.

SDIC Capital Co., Ltd. makes full use of its foreign exchange business license in conducting the businesses of sale and purchase of spot foreign currencies against RMB, issuing letter of credit on behalf of clients, cross border agent payment, and cross border borrowing/lending, etc., which efficiently reduces the foreign exchange settlement cost for member enterprises and facilitates cross border financing. Through accounts receivable factoring for overseas sales, SDIC Capital Co., Ltd. extends its financial service to the upstream of member enterprises to assist the international development of SDIC Group.


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