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SDIC Communications


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Development & Investment Corp., Ltd, SDIC Communications Holding Co., Ltd. (“SDIC Communications”)is an investment holding company that holds shares or participates in the equity of comprehensive transportation infrastructure projects like ports, railways, petroleum and gas pipes.

By the end of 2019, the registered capital of SDIC Communications is 2 billion yuan, the total consolidated assets are 37.5 billion yuan, and the owner's equity is 25.1 billion yuan. So far, SDIC Communications has a total of 8 holding companies and 19 equity joint-stock companies. The running ports and ports under construction has a handling capacity of 210 million tons. The running railways and railways under constructions has a total mileage of 3502 kilometers. The natural gas pipeline with participating equity runs 2229 kilometers.

In recent years, SDIC Communications has centered around national demands for energy transportation and tasked itself with the security of energy transportation. Taking coal loading and unloading terminals as an entry point, SDIC Communications has generally established a port layout where coastal areas like Bohai Rim,Western Taiwanstraitand Beibu Gulf are the priorities, and a railway layout where the coal transport channels via national mainstream railways are the priorities. Through promoting the integration of ports and railways assets in those areas, SDIC Communications is building an energy logistics network with SDIC features.The port companies controlled and operated by SDIC Communications include SDIC Caofeidian Port Co., Ltd., SDIC Jingmei Tonemei Jingtang Port Co., Ltd., SDIC Meizhouwan Port Co., Ltd., SDIC Qinzhou Port Co., Ltd., SDIC Yangpu Port Co., Ltd., SDIC Vopak Yangpu Storage Tank Terminal Co., Ltd., SDIC Shandong Linyi Road Bridge Development Co., Ltd., SDIC Meizhouwan Industrial Park, etc. The joint-stock railway companies include Menggu-Hebei Railway Co., Ltd., Mengxi-Huazhong Railway Co., Ltd., Tangshan-Luangang Railway Co., Ltd., Hami-Lop Nor Railway Co. Ltd., Meizhouwan Port Railway branch line, etc. Other joint-stock companies are Sinopec Sichuan to East China Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Port Co. Ltd., Chongqing Guoyuan Port Co. Ltd., Ningbo Far East Terminal Operation Co. Ltd., Beijing Haoda Transportation Co. Ltd. etc.

In the future, SDIC Communications will adhere to the SDIC idea of "for investors, for society and for employees", strive to become a first-class energy transportation enterprise that commits to integrated transportation operation and energy logistics integrated services, and make greater contributions to the national economic and social development.


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