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SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd.


SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company wholly owned by State Development and Investment Corporation Ltd (SDIC). It is specialized in investment in non-coal mineral resources and related industries. Its business portfolio mainly covers the investment and development of metal, non-metal, and oil & gas resources as well as renewable resources, hazardous waste resource, new energy, building materials and related products.

After years of exploration, SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd. has currently formed its business structure that takes potassium and phosphorus fertilizers as its core business and other sectors such as non-metal, urban minerals and oil & gas as its beneficial supplementary businesses.

By 2020, SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd. had invested in 10 companies, including SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo Potash Co., Ltd., SDIC Jincheng Metallurgy Co., Ltd., PT SDIC Papua Cement Indonesia, and Arab Potash Company in Jordan (excluding SPV abroad).


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