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SDIC Caofeidian Port Co., Ltd.


SDIC Caofeidian Port Co., Ltd. mainly focuses its business on construction and operation of the Caofeidian coal port so as to meet the needs of shipping coal to other parts of China. The capacity expansion of the Datong-Qinghuangdao railway and the newly-built Inner Mongolia-Hebei railway mean that more coal can be transported to the port.

A key project of shipping coal from North China to other parts of the country, SDIC Caofeidian Port Co., Ltd. is located at the Caofeidian port area of Tangshan Port and has an annual shipping capacity of 100 million tons of coal with 10 coal berths ranging from 50,000 tons to 150,000 tons.

The first approved, built and operational special coal port in China, SDIC Caofeidian Port is known for its four “largest” in the world: the largest car-dumper room, the largest steel sheet pile wharf, the largest strip warehouse and the largest integrative operational public coal wharf. Its capacity, handling efficiency, coal blending and clear frozen coal services have won recognition from customers and brought the company with both good social and economic benefits.


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