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China National Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. China Investment Consultingwas jointly founded by SDIC, Beijing Energy Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Hebei Construction& Investment Group Co., Ltd., and the Investment Association of China. China Investment Consulting was registered in SAIC with registered capital of 10 million RMB yuan.

More than 60% of employees in China Investment Consulting have master degree or above , and 70% of them have intermediate or senior professional titles. Most of the employees used to be engaged in macroeconomic administration, national major project planning, and investment project management with abundant practical working experience. Meanwhile, the company also has a consultant expert team made up by experts in the field of economy, technology and engineering from research institutes or planning and design institutes. The company has the capacity to cope with all kinds of significant and complicated consulting projects and relevant businesses.

China Investment Consulting has the Class A qualification certificate on project consultation issued by National Development and Reform Commission. It is one of the 46 consultancies identified by NDRC to take on the tasks of national advisory and evaluating project. The company is closely connected with national macroeconomic administration department and other relevant ministries and keeps a great business relationship with many industry associations, central or local enterprises and large transnational corporations. Meanwhile, the company also has the Class A qualification certificate on procuratorial tendering service issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and is capable to provide all kinds of procuratorial tendering service nationwide.

  Currently, the business scope of the company covers consulting service on investment policy, regional development planning, industry development planning, and enterprise development planning, etc., as well as drafting and evaluating project proposal, feasibility research, project and financial application; reviewing project's earlier stage design scheme and post project evaluation; providing service on management consulting, procuratorial tendering and other consulting. The businesses scope concerns energy, transportation, steel, electromechanical, petrifaction, municipal engineering, construction, agriculture and forestry, medicine, textile, and financial service, etc. With the pragmatic and innovative spirit, we are in line with the principle of "being independent, objective, impartial". Through systematic data and scientific analyzing method, the company would provide high level service to the clients.

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China National Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

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