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International Business

SDIC’s international business is a combination of direct investment, international trade and international cooperation. We established Rongshi International based in Hongkong to push forward the development of international business.

I. Overseas Direct Investment Taking the existing business as the base and giving full play to synergy effect, our overseas direct investment mainly goes to burgeoning industries with strategic importance which have a direct bearing on national economy and people’s livelihood. Projects that have been completed include Yapp Automotive Parts and leasing & renting of overseas sugar confederations. At the present stage, Yapp Automotive Parts ranks No 1 in China and No 3 in the world. It has factories in India, Russia, Australia and Czech Republic and R & D center in Germany, Australia and India. SDIC has 8 sugar confederations in Togo, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Benin and Jamaica. SDIC is building a cement factory in Indonesia with steady progress.

II. International Cooperation SDIC’s international cooperation includes overseas engineering contact and government aid programmes, mainly undertaken by CEEDI and Complant. In 2013, Complant implemented 8 projects including complete plant export and engineering contract in sectors such as construction, chemical industry, light industry and power generation in countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, with contract value worth of 5.6 billion RMB yuan. CEEDI contracted the construction schools, courthouse, banks, airport terminal in the Republic of Congo with a revenue of 200 million RMB yuan and newly signed contract value of 245 million RMB yuan in 2013. Implementation of China’s foreign aid projects is the traditional business of Complant. During the past 50 years, Complant has constructed and completed 1500 foreign aid projects involving in contruction, railway, road, power generation, chemical industry, machinery, textile, pharmaceutical industry, sugar refinery and paper making etc.. In 2013, Complant projects under construction were also construction-related projects in African countries like Togo and Senegal.

III. International Trade SDIC Trade mainly engages in international trading of large commodities. It has been rated top 500 export &import enterprises, top 500 service enterprises and A-level im & ex enterprise in China since 2000. SDIC Trade has been sticking to the pattern of large commodities, big market and super client. It has established an operation mode of modern international trade featuring professionalism, informationization and finance-oriented. Its revenue and export & import value of 2013 reached 22.867 billion RMB yuan and 2.058 billion RMB yuan respectively. By far, its business covers over 100 countries and regions. Its main trading commodities are cotton yarn, feed and grain, oil seed, coal, mineral products, wool fabric and food. The volume of cotton yarn, wool, chrome ore and some high-end oil seed rank on the top in China.

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International Business
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