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China SDIC International Trade Co. Successfully Holds the 32nd Nanjing Wool Market Conference


The 32nd Nanjing Wool Market Conference, jointly sponsored by China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd. and China Wool Textile Association, was successfully held on November 26, 2021. The video conference was attended by Gao Yong, Party Secretary of China Wool Textile Association, Wu Shiyong, Chairman of China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd., Liu Jiaqiang, President of China Wool Textile Association, Wolf Edmayr, President of the International Wool Textile Organisation, and nearly 500 people from home and abroad, including wool textile industry experts, entrepreneurs and industry representatives.

In his opening speech, Gao Yong said that since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic is interacting with global changes unseen in a century. However, the wool textile industry has demonstrated its inimitable resilience in fighting against the pandemic, stabilizing employment, ensuring people's needs of living and promoting development. At the new start point of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the wool textile industry should further enhance its science and technology capability, ensure the safety of industrial chain and foster professional and interdisciplinary talents; should build a circular industry chain on the basis of unhampered domestic needs, promote development of fashion and brand building, encourage brand name textile and garment enterprises to cooperate with internet and modern service industry for integrated cross-industry development and provide high quality products; and, should promote construction of social responsibility and sustainable development. It is the responsibility of everyone of the wool textile industry to showcase to consumers the beauty of wool textile, the progress of science and technology, green development and fashion trend.

In his speech, Wu Shiyong said that at the moment, the Covid-19 pandemic has the trend of multiple sporadic cases and global spreading and this has produced serious impact on development of the wool textile industry. With the theme of a new start at post-pandemic era, this conference is expected to promote sincere cooperation among businesses inside the industry, overcome current difficulties together, and plan for long-term development. At present, digital economy and green development are the new driving forces for world economy recovery and growth, the wool textile industry should constantly strengthen its “growth genes”, innovate way of development, technologies and value, pay close attention to green development and stimulate new consumption; develop new materials to broaden the use of wool textiles; adapt to the new environment of consumption and open new channels of e-commerce. With the unremitting efforts by people of the tindustry, the wool textile industry is bound to enter into a brand new era of development.

Liu Jiaqiang said that the wool textile industry should keep pace with the times, make further improvement in the sectors of sustainable development, green development, consumer market development and science and technology as well as innovation, and develop towards the goal of building China into a strong and influential country of the wool textile industry from the current large wool textile producer and processor.

Wolf Edmayr said that in the era of restarting the global economy, we should seek opportunities for the wool textile industry, and actively grasp the opportunities brought about by economic stimulation plans. For years, the wool textile industry businesses help each other and we should make good use of the opportunity to further strengthen our connections, make joint efforts and get well prepared.

Representatives at the video conference also delivered speeches on the current situation, difficulties and problems, countermeasures needed to take and development trend of the wool textile industry. In the meantime, the 12th International Wool Summit via video link and online saloon also convened, which built an online platform for wool textile industry insiders across the world to exchange ideas.

Since 1988, China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd. has held“China International Wool Market Conference”for 32 times, which is regarded as a bridge for exchange of ideas and promotion of international cooperation.

For decades from the former planned economy to the current market economy, China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd. has grown its roots deep in the country's textile industry and raw material sector and for years, it ranked the first in the country in terms of the value of wool imports, has developed close trade and cooperation relationship with large wool suppliers throughout the world, and cooperate with domestic end-users in the R&D of new type functional wool products, and provide assistance in the development of high value added products, green and environment friendly products, and more flexible and safer industry supply chain, which has also benefited the world wool textile industry.

As the trade and new material integration platform and the platform for the participation of the Belt and Road Initiative of the SDIC Group, China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd. will implement new development concept, adhere to the principle of opening and cooperation, and intensify scientific and technological innovation to spare no efforts in promoting green and sustainable development of the wool textile industry, promoting international exchange and resource sharing, providing professional, stable and quality services to clients throughout the world, creating more value for people's life and making active contributions to building China into a “country with a strong wool textile industry”.


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