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SDIC Gansu New Energy Starts to Install 6.25MW Wind Turbines, the Largest Single-unit Turbines in the Country


SDIC Gansu New Energy Co., Ltd. started to install 6.25MW wind turbines at the site of its North 7 Wind Power Project at 15:58, December 4, 2021, marking initial progress has been made in construction of the project. The 6.25MW wind turbine is the largest land-based, single-unit wind turbine in the country.

Located at Guazhou County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, the North 7 Wind Power Project has a designed installation capacity of 400MW with A and B two zones. The project is planned to install a total of 64 wind turbines, each of which is 6.25MW.

At present, Zone B with installation capacity of 200MW is under construction. The company strictly follows the instructions from the local government and SDIC Power Holdings Co., Ltd. and gives special emphasis on safety, quality and construction time so as to build it into a national high quality project. The company has taken effective measures to overcome the difficulties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the cold weather and has completed concreting the foundations of 32 units of wind turbines in Zone B within 46 days. Each foundation consumed 730 cubic meters of concrete and 66 tons of steel, which has created favorable conditions for the installation of wind turbines and project construction.

The smooth progress of the project construction is attributed to the strong support and guidance from the local government and its parent company SDIC Power Holdings, as well as the unremitting efforts made by all the staff of the North 7 Wind Power Project of SDIC Gansu New Energy.

In the next step, SDIC Gansu New Energy will continue to enhance project management, actively promote construction and strive to make the project to start generating electricity as early as possible so as to make its contributions to the new energy development of SDIC Power Holdings, to the building of a “New SDIC” and to realizing the country's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.


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