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SDIC Chuangyi Wins 2021 Caijing Evergreen Awards for Universal Benefits of Sustainable Development


The 2022 Caijing Sustainable Development Summit & Evergreen Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing on December 23, 2021. The summit focused on the theme of “new impetus to the economy, corporate sustainable development, green finance and rural revitalization under the situation of carbon neutrality”. Li Ming, Director of Department of Listed Company Supervision, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Sun Nianrui, Vice President of China Association for Public Companies, Liu Ti, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Huang Liping, Deputy Secretary-General of Asset Management Association of China, delivered keynote speeches at the summit. SDIC Chuangyi won the 2021 Caijing Evergreen Awards in the category of universal benefit of sustainable development and was invited to attend the ceremony.

Caijing magazine has established the Evergreen Awards in a bid to have comprehensive assessment on the value, innovation and economic returns of enterprises and organizations through scientific and strict assessment system and methods, and strive to find out and honor those enterprises and organizations with high value of sustainable development in China. The 2021 Evergreen Awards target at the enterprises and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and to the realization of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality goals in the 2020-2021 period.SDIC Chuangyi excelled among 132 financial organizations and 173 industrial enterprises to have won the award for universal benefit of sustainable development, which indicates that the universal benefit value of both economic returns and social benefts of SDIC Chuangyi has been highly recognized by the society.

As the largest and influential investment organization in the country, SDIC Chuangyi always upholds the investment concept of “strategic investment, value investment and responsible investment”, considers it its mission to serve the national key strategies of the fight against poverty, rural revitalization and “carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality” and devotes itself to the creation of a better life through investment. After years of development, SDIC Chuangyi has developed a new sustainable development pattern for promoting the economic development of under-developed areas through industrial funds, which has created 1.28 million jobs, 58.1 billion RMB yuan  income for the employed and 31.5 billion RMB yuan  taxes for local governments, and stimulated 280 billion RMB yuan  investment of social capital. In terms of investment in rural revitalization, SDIC Chuangyi, among all institutions of the same category, covers the largest area and has the largest amount of investment, which has substantially supported the economic development of under-developed areas and demonstrated the commitment and devotion of State-owned capital to promote rural revitalization.

In the meantime, SDIC Chuangyi has developed many successful projects combining both biological protection and industrial development through its investment in clean energy and related industrial chain enterprises and by following the rule of green transformation and the market rule in order to support the country to realize its goals of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality as early as possible. SDIC Chuangyi has been playing an active role in realizing the goals of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality.

SDIC Chuangyi will continue to play its guiding and stimulating role of State-owned capital in optimizing resources, stimulating more social capital, and promoting invested enterprises to better implement their social responsibility so as to make its due contributions to the rural revitalization strategy and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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