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Rongshi International''s overseas loans total over US$3 billion


At the end of June 2022, Rongshi International Holding Co., Ltd. lent a batch of US dollar loan via Hong Kong treasury center to Yapp Mexico Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., which marks the first time for Rongshi International to get involved in US dollar loan business in North America. Till then, the total loans provided by Rongshi International to the member enterprises of the SDIC Group had reached more than US$3 billion. The overseas loans, in either US dollar, Euro or British pound, had supported more than 10 key overseas projects of SDIC Power, SDIC Mining, China National Complete Plant Import and Export Group Corporation Limited, China SDIC International Trade Co., Ltd and SDIC Gaoxin. The projects are located in 11 countries/regions in Europe, Asia and North America.

As the overseas fund management and investment-financing platform of the SDIC Group, Rongshi International positions “serve the group and create value” as its core, gives play to the three major functions of overseas financing, overseas investment and overseas treasury service, promotes industrial development through financial means, and supports and guarantees the smooth implementation of the group's international strategy. Since its operation in 2017, Rongshi International has been actively expanding its overseas financing channels, has issued an incremental amount of US$2.6 billion bonds and has been granted with nearly US$4 billion credit line from both Chinese and foreign banks. At present, the US Fed has started to raise its interest rate and the cost for overseas fundraising is increasing sharply. Under such circumstances, Rongshi International has maintained a reasonable liability composition, brought its fundraising cost under control and secured safe liquidity through early arrangement of medium to long-term financing, readjustment of the structure of financing maturity and multi currency financing, etc.. With sufficient fundraising sources, Rongshi International closely coordinates with the overseas projects of the SDIC Group to provide them with competitive loan support. The financial support covers the categories of acquisition loans, capital loans, non-committed revolving loans, bridge loans, working capital loans and cross-border loans, etc. This has played a unique role in supporting the SDIC Group's overseas acquisitions, guaranteeing the construction of key projects, releasing the capital pressure of member enterprises and reducing their fundraising costs.

According to the general requirement of the SDIC Group on accelerating the pace in building the group into a world first class capital investment company, Rongshi International will continue to target at building itself into a first class overseas investment and financing platform that serves the SDIC Group. Guided by actual needs of overseas business development, Rongshi International will actively play its role in the sectors of the group's treasury system construction, global capital allocation and foreign exchange risk control management and, through synergized efforts, make its contributions to the development of the SDIC Group's international businesses.


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