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SDIC Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with China Railway


On March 17th, 2023, SDIC Group and China Railway Group Limited signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation.

SDIC Group Chairman Fu Gangfeng and China Railway Chairman Chen Yun witnessed the signing of the agreement. SDIC Group Vice President Du Wenmin and China Railway Vice President Liu Baolong signed the agreement on behalf of each side. China Railway Vice President Li Xinsheng was present at the signing ceremony.

Chairman Fu introduced the development history, business deployment and recent operations of SDIC Group. He said that SDIC and China Railway had sound cooperation foundation in the sectors of electric engineering, water utilities and environmental protection, etc., and expressed his hope that the two sides, by taking the signing of the agreement as an opportunity, could further launch all-round and in-depth cooperation in the fields of clean energy, health and old-age caring, human resources, and financial services, etc. so as to give play to the specialized advantages of each side and achieve mutual benefit and win-win result.

Chairman Chen introduced the core businesses and recent operations of China Railway. He said that China Railway and SDIC Group are highly complementary in business development, enjoy a sound cooperation foundation and have broad development space. He therefore expressed his hope that the two sides further promote and deepen their cooperation at a higher level and in wider areas so as to write a new chapter in common development.

Guo Zhongjie, Assistant to President of SDIC Group, Board Secretary Li Baolin, Assistant to President Meng Shuhao and leaders of SDIC Power, SDIC Health and SDIC Capital as well as leaders of related departments of China Railway attended the event.


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