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Zhala Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station of SDIC Yalong Hydro Starts Construction


The Zhala Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station of the SDIC Yalong Hydro began construction on August 25th, 2023. It is another landmark project of the Yalong Riverhydro, wind and PV complementary green, clean and renewable energy demonstration base, the largest new energy project in terms of installed capacity in Sichuan Province.

The Zhala Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station covers an area of more than 18 square kilometers, equivalent to the size of 13 Beijing Daxing international airports. It is designed to install 2.45 million photovoltaic modules, 5,138 units of series inverters and 367 sets of box transformers. It is the China’s largest single PV power station planned to completely adopt the N-type modules (a new generation of mainstream battery technology).

The complete adoption of the N-type modules at the Zhala Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station will bring multiple benefits. On the one hand, the N-type modules have lower photoelectric conversion loss and higher efficiency, which can increase power generation volume by about 3% under the same lighting conditions. On the other hand, the Zhala Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station is a typical plateau-mountain photovoltaic power project and the N-type modules occupy a smaller area, which can improve the flexibility of photovoltaic matrix arrangement and save about 1.1% of the land area. In addition, the N-type modules have a longer service life and better anti-attenuation ability, and are more adaptable to the low temperature environment of the plateau snow and wind. It can always maintain a high power generation efficiency during the whole life cycle. With production capacity improvement and technology upgrading of the N-type modules, construction of the Zhala Mountain Photovoltaic Power Station will become a new model for the high-quality development of the photovoltaic power industry, and provide a useful reference for the subsequent construction of similar photovoltaic power projects.


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