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OMO3 Sugar Factory Makes the “Sweet“ Dream of the Ethiopian People Come True

The Omo Valley, located more than 800 kilometers south of the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, is dotted with lush forests and bushes, and is home to more than 20 mysterious primitive tribes such as the Lip-plate tribe. Today, the sugar factory located in the Omo Valley brings a modern civilization to the tribe as well as a “sweet” life to more local residents.

Since 2013, COMPLANT has built three large sugar factories Kemsem, OMO2 and OMO3 in Ethiopia. In October 2018, the last project, the OMO3 sugar factory, was successfully completed and started to produce sugar. The OMO3 sugar factory is currently the most automated sugar factory in Ethiopia with the fastest construction and commissioning speed


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