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Business Units

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Energy Industry

The energy-related industry contributes to the realization of the national energy security and the Dual Carbon Strategies, including electricity (including hydrogen/energy storage), energy ports and bioenergy. 

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Digital/science technology promotes the development of science &technology and digital economy industries, including electronic information engineering services, cyber security and digital governance, new materials, inspection and testing of special equipment, automobile fuel tank, and railway operation and maintenance. 

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People's Livelihood and Health

People's livelihood & health helps meet people's needs for a better life, including potash fertilizer, health care, water treatment/industrial solid waste, trade, human resources services (including consulting services), juice concentrate as well as biological agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. 

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Industrial Finance

Industrial finance serves the real economy, including securities, industrial funds, guaranty, trusts, financial leasing, finance companies, and asset management. 

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